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Today, the acceleration of technology has reached warp speed. Most of the newer applications, such as renewable energy storage, power control, electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, demand battery technology that is characterised by higher energy and higher power, rapid capacity charging, longer life, and greater reliability. To meet these increasing demands, Powertech Batteries has focused on exploring different battery technologies – all present in the new IQ range.

Motoring with a quality product.

In its quest to provide South Africa's motoring public with a quality product, Willard Batteries has been intensely involved in ongoing research and development. The new IQ battery range from Willard Batteries is the fruit of this labour./a>

Battery Care and Maintenance

For a battery to remain in good working order, it should be maintained in a fully charged state by the vehicle charging system. Where a battery is used as a means of alternative power, it is generally charged by means of an independent charger or rectifier which supplies controlled direct current (DC)..

# Store batteries in a clean and dry area (in order to prevent deterioration.
# Store batteries in a fully charged state. (12V Battery above 12.4V).
# Ensure a correct polarity connection when recharging and fitting.
# Follow proper recharging schedules to prevent overcharging. Ensure charging is conducted in a well ventilated area.
# Ensure that the battery is always clean and dry, with the terminals coated with petroleum jelly (vaseline) or proprietory terminal protectors. Do not use greases which may contain metal additives.

Willard IQ Battery

The new IQ battery range from Willard Batteries is the result of intense and ongoing research and development to provide South Africa's motoring public with a quality product. To meet the battery market's increasing demands, the new IQ range sports the latest technology including:
# high tech product form
# charge indicator
# vibration resistance
# high quality active material
# heavy duty additives

TheIntelligent Choice

Making the intelligent choice

With all its additional features, the Willard Batteries IQ range is the high performance battery of choice for today's car owner and thanks to an ethos of quality and know-how, Willard Batteries is still 'The Intelligent Choice'