Computerized 3D Wheel Alignment

Ensure safety and long tyre life with correctly aligned wheels.

Wheel alignment is a service which should be done every 10 000 kilometres. If you came in contact with any object e.g potholes, curbs etc, you may not notice that your axles and suspension are not aligned anymore but it will definitely affect the tyre's life and your safety as well. Wheel alignment gives us the opportunity to look for any irregularity on your vehicle suspension.

Get the best road handling and protect your tyres from irregular and /or rapid wear.

Wheel Balancing

Balancing your tyres regularly helps prevent wear of your tyres, and eliminate vibration. A wheel that is out of balance causes uneven, rapid tread wear(shorter tyre life), and vibration, which can put stress on the suspension, steering system and bearings of your vehicle.

Mag Wheel Repair

Have your mag wheels checked regularly when you have the tyres checked or any vibration detected. Damaged mags can be a safety risk and should be repaired as soon as possible. We can assist with reparations, roll-outs, painting and welding, and we will be able to tell you if the mag is irreparable and needs to be replaced.

Tyre Pressure(Nitrogen)

Check the pressure of your tyres, including your spare regularly and before a long journey. Tyre life and pressure can be better maintained by fillin with Nitrogen.

The advantages of having Nitrogen in your tyres are:
# Increased tyre life (by cooler running tyres)
# Reduced fuel costs
# Improved handling
# Lower CO2 Emissions
# A safer vehicle and less worry about pressure maintenance.

Diagnostic Battery Testing

As an approved battery center, we are able to provide you with the correct battery for your vehicle. We also offer the following free services
# Diagnostic battery testing with printout
# Alternator charging test
# Battery Fitment
# Battery Charging.

Tyre Fitment

When replacing or fitting tyres, it is important to have a reputable tyre retailer who will make sure that all fitments are done correctly

Every new tyre fitted should also get a new valve, to ensure the warranty on the tyres. We can assist you in all your passenger, 4X4, LDV's and run-flat tyre fitments with staff who are well trained.

Puncture Repair

Tyre Repairs.

For reliable diagnosis and guarantee of safety, it is imperative to take your tyre to professional who will be able to inspect the internal ccondition of the tyre, detecting damage not visible on the outside, and who will be able to correctly repair the tyre with the right materials. When your tyre is repaired, it is important to balance it again to ensure no vibration or uneven tyre wear.